Lemon Myrtle & Finger Lime Salad - we are more than just a pie shop.

You go into a bakery and expect to find pies, sausage rolls maybe a quiche or 2.

Cakes and coffee are a obvious thing and of course, we have all this but did you know that we are constantly developing new products, looking at market research and listening to what our customers want.

Our new range of salads are in store and made fresh everyday by our very talented head chef Jason.

Our newest member of our salad range is the Lemon Myrtle, Finger Lime and Chicken Salad. A bed of brown rice and mixed colour quinoa is the base of this amazing salad. Sitting on top is tender poached chicken breast, heritage tomatoes and cucumber ribbons. Toasted sesame, sunflower and linseed gives this salad a extra dimension with a beautiful crunch. We have a homemade lemon myrtle mayonnaise which is a soft and subtle flavour. A citrus vinaigrette and a finger lime sits on top, (a finger lime is a crazy little Australian citrus fruit that contains a caviar shaped balls that burst in your mouth with a lemon-lime flavour).

This salad is something different and is quickly becoming a customer favourite.

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