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Updated: Dec 2, 2018

My family and I have been travelling through Milton NSW every week for a few months and have never stopped at Milton, always travelling further south before we stopped for a coffee (and sometimes cake). I have seen the advertising along the highway for the Heritage Bakery in Milton and on Saturday we decided to stop at the bakery and give it a try and aren’t I glad we did. We drove into the car park and my husband commented that how good the parking is and how handy it would be to park our camping trailer there. We walked into the bakery(which is in a beautiful old historic building that the owners have obviously been very sympathetic too in maintaining its old world charm) to the beautiful smell of fresh bread baking. As we entered the bakery I was impressed with how clean the tables and cake displays were especially with how busy the bakery obviously is. We were greeted with a smile and hello by a friendly staff member at the coffee machine, and another young girl over at the cake fridges. With 3 young children in tow, and one with allergies, ordering anything anywhere is rarely a simple thing but at no stage did the lovely customer service staff seem impatient when explaining the many different products that were on offer, at one point she went and asked the baker about the ingredients in the vegetarian frittata to make sure that my daughter was ok to eat it. After much deliberation we settled on a vegie stack (which was gluten free) a sausage roll which did not leave oil stains on the bag like many sausage rolls do, a steak pie which was full of chunky, tender steak pieces, a mince pie and a really delicious chicken salad (I can’t remember the name, but it had chicken, quinoa, nuts, carrot and capsicum and a salad dressing that I could drink). My husband and I each had a coffee which was beautiful and a really pleasant surprise as I am usually quite fussy with my coffee. After our lunch we could not resist the temptation to try some of the tasty sweets and desserts on offer. Again the staff were super friendly when ordering with the young man suggesting that the lamingtons were the ‘bomb’. He was right - it was the best lamington that I have ever tasted, proper sponge on the inside with a thin layer of cream and a generous coating of chocolate. We also ordered a lemon meringue pie, a custard tart, a baileys cheesecake, the caramel slice and the gluten free chocolate tart. Not only did all of these products taste amazing but they were a generous serve and compared to other places the prices were very reasonable. At this stage, how could we resist the bread that was on display and back to the counter again we went to be served by another young lady who was every bit a charming and friendly as the others. We sampled the fig and cranberry sourdough that was on offer and proceeded to buy one and also a plain sourdough. These were eaten that night and I can honestly say that it was THE BEST SOURDOUGH I HAVE EVER TASTED. I regret not buying more for the freezer but will definitely be stocking up for the freezer the next time that we stop at the Heritage Bakery. I will also comment on the toilets because as someone that travels a lot and see’s the inside of many public restrooms (99% are filthy) these restrooms were state of the art, they looked quite new and they were perfectly clean and smelt fresh (unlike so many). Be prepared though that the Heritage Bakery does not accept cash. They only accept card payments, while this was not a issue for us I did overhear another customer question the motives behind not accepting cash, I think it was a supervisor that explained that it was due to a few break in’s that the owner was concerned about the staff’s safety so decided to go cashless. They also said that no fees were passed onto the customer. Another thing that happened at the bakery was that the bakery gives away $500 per month to a local charity, and the customers get to vote on which one gets the money, I found this really inspiring that a place can give back so generously to its locals. Well done to you Heritage Bakery. I will never drive past the Heritage Bakery again and not stop, I am kicking myself that it has taken me this long to discover what a kind, friendly and really scrumptious place this is. Thank you to all the staff and management at the bakery, you have definitely won my family and I and I will recommend you to anyone that is coming through Milton (and maybe get them to get me some bread too).

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Stop this bakery when travelling for a coffee and found it to be very good considering others have closed early in the afternoon in the town. The bakery only takes credit cards no cash.

Reviewed 28 May 2018 via mobileChoice +++++

After seeing on Facebook the yummy looking salad, I popped into the bakery to grab one! I haven’t been in there for many years!!!! OMG !!!!!! I was blown away with the place! It’s was clean, the display of products kept me wanting to looking deeper for another thing to look at. The manager offered a sample of the salad I went in for . I end up buying 3 because I LOVED IT!!! The barista with glasses was so friendly and has a super cool vibe. The baker answered my questions regarding the products. I LOVED IT

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